Hawaii Clean Energy Day 2017

Pathways to Clean Transportation

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Sharon Moriwaki (Miyashiro)
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HEPF Co-chair

Join Us! HCED 2017

With clean energy progressing in the electrical sector, Hawaiʻi has its eyes on driving the transportation sector to meet its own clean energy goals. Should one target be 100% renewable fuels in ground transportation by 2045? Are there others? Can we get there? What are the pathways to achieve those goals?

This year the 9th annual Hawaii Clean Energy Day zones in on a significant challenge: "Pathways to Clean Transportation." We'll hear from key Hawaiʻi officials on major initiatives and specific actions; from Portland's Councilor Craig Dirksen on how Portland's leadership moved from vision to action in its transportation system; and from University of Wisconsin's Eric Sundquist on how other jurisdictions measure success.

Participants will envision what "success" would look like for Hawaiʻi's clean transportation future, and the afternoon will allow us to play out scenarios and pathways, hearing from diverse sectors and organizations -- the legislature; state and local government; utilities; and community. The scenarios will set the stage, and participants will voice their opinions and vote using MeetingSift polling technology. Further informal dialogue will continue at "Conversations with…" in Café Julia.

The mid-day highlight will be the report "On the State of Clean Energy" by Governor Ige, who will also present the 2017 Transformational Achievement Awards for significant transformational achievements in advancing clean energy.

The event will be held on Monday, August 28, 2017 at the YWCA Laniākea (9:30am to 6:00pm).

Registration begins at 9:00am.