Hawaii: The State of Clean Energy

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Season 3:
Hawai'i: The State of Clean Energy
Our Energy - Our Future

We return in Season 3 with a special show to look forward, back, and to assess where we are. Are we closer to clean energy than when we first tackled the subject? Are we better off or not, and what is next for our clean energy future?

“How Far Have We Come? How Does the Future Look and What is Next?” - During the past two years we covered a lot of issues together. We want to see how we are doing on these projects. Hawaii has come a long way in incorporating renewable, clean energy into the state's energy resource mix. We'll hear representatives from government, industry, the university, and the community who will give us their assessment on our progress. What are the costs of electricity and the overall potential for generating electricity from renewables? How will we handle the surge of PV installations and how shall we finance them to lower consumer bills? And what about transportation? Are we making progress in this sector that is one of the biggest consumers of fossil fuel?

KGMB schedule:

  • 1/14 6:30-7 pm, 2/8 6-6:30 pm, 3/7 6:30-7 pm

KHNL schedule:

  • 1/26 9:30- 10 pm, 2/1 6-630 pm, 3/7 6:30-7 pm

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